Lawyer - National Autonomous University of Honduras, Master in Business Law from the Central American Technological University (UNITEC). Legal Advisor / Coordinator of the compliance process.

Training Programmes:

  • Diploma in Human Rights (UNAH-VS)
  • Seminars on general contract provisions (UNAH-VS)
  • Seminar on Constitutional Law (UNAH-VS)
  • Civil Procedure Code Seminar (UNAH-VS)
  • Diploma in Civil Procedural Law (UNAH-VS)
  • Diploma in Constitutional Law (C.A.H.)
  • Oral techniques (Supreme Court of Justice)
  • Seminar on Child and Adolescent Law (UNAH -VS)
  • Seminar on Civil Contracts (UNAH -VS)
  • Seminar on Criminal Procedural Law (UNAH-VS)
  • Diploma in Labour Procedural Law (C.A.H.)
  • Diploma in Conciliation and Arbitration (Honduran Young Arbitrators)
  • Interpretation of ISO 9001:2008
  • In House Seminar on Transfer Pricing by Seminarium
  • Tax refresher course
  • Seminar of Entry and Exit of People, Goods and Means of Transport and Customs Offences and their Sanctions
  • RIT and ZOLI Customs Procedures Seminar
  • Seminar-Workshop New Code and Amnesty 2017
  • Interpretation of ISO 9001:2015

ISO 19011 Internal Auditor with focus on ISO 9001:2015. Level: Internal Auditor.

Areas of experience: Honorable Supreme Court of Justice, Second Children's Court, San Pedro Sula, Cortés (Ad-Honorem Clerk); Honorable Supreme Court of Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals, San Pedro Sula, Cortés (Receiver and Clerk at Law). She works for the firm as a member of a team of responsible and competent professionals, providing legal management and compliance services in the corporate and business areas of law.