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Ulloa y Asociados specializes in companies in need of all kinds of legal advice. We always put our clients first and obtain favorable results. We give you the legal expertise you need.

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From the moment you contact Ulloa y Asociados, you receive personalized attention to offer the best service before, during and after the transaction.


Since December 2008, Ulloa & Asociados became the first Law Firm in the country to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Ulloa & Asociados has assumed the commitment to develop better ways of working that promote the efficiency and quality of our services.

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Resource Management

It is responsible for providing services to clients who require it in the financial, accounting, tax and administrative areas.


We offer the following counseling services: Corporate and Commercial, Due Diligence, Treatment of Impatriates and Expatriates, Internal Audits, and Administrative Contracts.


We provide guidance through verification and analysis, ideally preventive, of the fiscal and/or public and/or municipal tax situation.

Natural Customers

Guidance is provided to external clients, specifically to natural clients through verification and analysis, to comply with legal and administrative requirements, either before public institutions, public/private institutions and private institutions.


We provide representation services before all governmental entities. Our firm is authorized by SERNA and has vast experience in the Environmental Licensing Process.


Our team of lawyers is trained to provide advice in all stages of litigation and legal disputes before the Courts and Tribunals in the country and abroad.


The firm prepares the different businesses or legal acts, which individuals or legal entities celebrate in the presence of the notary.


Its purpose is to comply with legal requirements regarding the inscription or registration of documents, actions, private property and/or client products before Government entities.

Labour & Employment

The firm provides advice on labor issues that arise within organizations directly linked to their human capital.

Vice President, HR Supply Chain, Internal Manufacturing

In the more than 15 years that I have been working with the firm of Ulloa y Asociados, we have had very diverse situations that have required legal advice, and in all cases the solutions found by the firm have been successful and thanks to them, we have always stayed away from claims both with local and international authorities, as with NGOs, former employees, etc., One of the aspects that surprises me the most, is that the leadership of Ulloa y Asociados has always been interested in reinventing itself and bringing fresh ideas in the attention and advice they give us, which has led us to make excellent decisions, hence we have never hesitated to continue working with them.

Ricardo A. Rodríguez




Since December 2008, Ulloa & Asociados became the first law firm in the country to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, and is considered by our clients as the leading law firm in Honduras. Given this privileged position given to us by our clients and the demands of the market, Ulloa & Asociados has assumed the commitment to develop better ways of working that promote the efficiency and quality of our services. Thus, in 2008, our Firm undertook the challenge of becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified, a certification that is undoubtedly a differentiating element compared to our competitors. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that we have internal processes that ensure continuous improvement and a certainty, for our clients, that we work daily to meet their expectations and, therefore, that their trust placed in Ulloa & Asociados will have an important return value for their business.

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

1. Creates awareness among the organization's staff of the importance of quality as a basis for the company's competitiveness.
2. Greater orientation in the understanding and fulfilment of the contractual requirements of the client, increasing their satisfaction and confidence.
3.Order, standardization and control of internal processes, generating consistency in the performance of services and increasing productivity.
4. Generates a robust document base that allows the definition of policies, functions and controls that guarantee the proper execution of the company's activities.
5. Competitive advantage, differentiated services in the market, better image in the eyes of potential clients.
6. System oriented to continuous improvement, capable of learning from past lessons to improve the company's current services and processes, increasing the ability to create value.
7. Supports the planning of strategies, plans and objectives of the organization.
8. Promotes the training of personnel in critical functions of performing the service.


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