Resource Management

It is a process that arises as a need on the part of the firm Ulloa y Asociados, to offer services to clients in financial/accounting, tax and administrative areas, as a total or partial support to the operation of the organization. The procedure to follow for the development of resource management includes:

  • Accounting update, which consists of the preparation of accounting records, bank reconciliations, updating of accounting and auxiliary books, preparation of financial statements.
  • Preparation and presentation of: reports to governmental institutions (Central Bank of Honduras, Ministry of Finance and Productive Sectors); monthly and annual tax returns, both determinative and informative, according to the taxpayer category established by the Revenue Administration Service (SAR).
  • Administration of funds for the execution of projects.
  • Administration of payrolls based on the guidelines presented by the client and the applicable calculations according to the law for the withholding at source for salaried employees, local tax and employer contributions, all based on the guidelines established in the fiscal and labor aspect in force in the country.


Service provided to our clients through a documented process in which a response is given in accordance with the law on situations that are consulted by our clients, as well as the support of matters that require legal guidance. Our practice specialises in providing advice in corporate law and all related areas.


  • Incorporation of commercial companies.
  • Creation of NGOs.
  • Commercial and civil contracts.
  • Corporate meetings.
  • NGO Assemblies.
  • Execution of corporate agreements.
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Mercantile Corporations.
  • Sale of companies.
  • Securities.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Corporate legal audits.
  • Legal opinions.


This process incorporates activities of the Advisory and Management processes, and consists of providing guidance to internal and external clients, through the verification and analysis, ideally preventive, of their fiscal and/or tax situation, either before the public and/or municipal administration.


  • Revenue Administration Service (SAR)
  • National Institute for Vocational Training (INFOP)
  • Municipalities, Ministry of Finance (SEFIN)
  • Municipal Environmental Unit (UMA)
  • Secretariat of Labour and Social Security (STSS)
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Tourism

Natural Customers

The purpose of this process is to provide guidance to external customers, specifically to Natural Customers through verification and analysis, in order to comply with legal and administrative requirements, either before Public Institutions, Public/Private Institutions and Private Institutions; through the interpretation of the regulation or requirement, seeking the best alternatives that arise from the verification and analysis, which may consist of the preparation and presentation of applications, renewals and/or challenges, or any management that is considered necessary.

Services :

  • Legal Orientation.
  • Administrative Procedure.
  • Municipal Services.
  • Non-Litigious Proceedings in Notarial Courts.
  • Request for cadastral records (remedida) Property Institute.
  • Processes Family.
  • Civil Proceedings.
  • Special domestic violence court proceedings


Our legal team handles the legal process of Environmental Licensing in an integrated manner, under the technical supervision of the Environmental Services Provider. This area of our organization is in charge of obtaining and renewing Environmental Licences, Mining Exploration and Exploitation (concessions) and their renewal, Water Use Authorization, among others.

Services :

  • Environmental services by service providers (PES) SERNA registry
  • Environmental Licensing (Projects categories 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Preparation of technical documents: Technical reports, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Compliance Reports (ICMA).
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Formation of the joint health and safety committee
  • Development of environmental training seminars and programs
  • Environmental compliance consulting
  • Development of contingency plans
  • Management of approval and obtaining the risk control register.
  • Elaboration of waste management plan 


Ulloa & Asociados has a team of specialized lawyers that will provide legal advice and procedural representation for conflicts or requests to be processed before the Jurisdictional Bodies or in Arbitration, from the analysis of the conflict to the processing of trials or arbitrations in first instances and appeals, including those to be reviewed in appeals filed in higher courts. 


  •  Conciliation and Arbitration
  •  Management of legal proceedings
  • Administrative Procedures Directorate
  •  Requesting and handling of conciliation and mediation hearings
  • Institutions: Judiciary, CCIC Conciliation and Arbitration Center, CCIT Conciliation and Arbitration Center.
  • Results: Final Judgments in Instance and/or Legal Appeals.
  • Areas of Jurisdiction: Commercial, Civil, Criminal (in relation to financial and commercial crimes), Administrative and Contentious-Administrative.


The notarial process, which consists of the preparation of the different legal transactions or acts that natural or legal people enter into in the presence of the notary. Likewise, the acts proper to the registration process are carried out in those acts or businesses that, in order to be effective before third parties, must be registered in a Public Registry. 

  • Institutions: Property Institute, Commercial Register, National People Registry.
    National People Registry.
  • Results: Certificates of Authenticity of Copies and/or Signatures, Notarial Acts and
    Notarial Deeds and Public Deeds.
  • The Public Deeds include: Incorporation of Companies, Powers of Attorney, Powers of Representation and Administration, Revocation of Powers of Attorney, Protocolisation of Company Meetings, Company Reforms, Dissolutions and Liquidations of Companies.


The purpose of this process is to comply with the legal requirements regarding the registration of documents, actions, private property and/or products of the client before government institutions such as:

  • Land Registry.
  • Commercial Registry.
  • Directorate of Intellectual Property of Honduras (DIGEPIH).
  • National Registry of Persons.
  • Health Regulation Agency (ARSA).
  • Investor Registration (CNI).
  • State Suppliers Registry (ONCAE).
  • Attorney General's Office of the Republic.
  • National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL).


Labour & Employment

Ulloa & Asociados through its team of lawyers specialized in labour matters, provides services to its clients on labour issues that arise in the business area. We become part of your company, to support in strategic decision making and that they are generating value in the industry of the organization. We provide all the necessary tools to manage labour relations in organizations, considering risks and better alternatives. This is done on the basis of administrative and judicial representation.

Services :

  • Advice on Recruitment
  • Advice on the management of individual and collective labour relations.
  • Advice on the drafting, modification and termination of employment contracts.
  • Implementation of policies and procedures
  • Negotiation of Contracts and Collective Agreements.
  • Due Diligence
  • Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Internal Audits 
  • Training in labor matters
  • Organizational restructuring of labour relations
  • Representation of clients before administrative and judicial authorities in order to achieve the objectives set by the client.