We are a team of professionals at the forefront of current challenges: responsible, committed and competent in the areas of law that we perform and the services we provide, offering comprehensive solutions to our clients for the protection of their economic and social interests; based on compliance with the law, relying on the incorporation and training of professionals, virtual platforms and digital technology.


In Ulloa & Asociados we want to maintain the leadership in the provision of legal services at national and international level, developing a culture of innovation in our activities, under the scheme of integral legal services in response to the needs and requirements of the client; that allows us to participate in the productive activities of the economy, contributing with social responsibility in the growth and development of Honduras.


Ulloa & Asociados, a firm dedicated to the provision of legal and integral services in the areas of Counseling, Labor & Employment, Compliance, Management, Litigation, Notary, Registries, Resource Management and Natural Clients, is permanently committed, in an accurate and diligent manner, to satisfy the needs of the client and relevant interested parties, relying on competent professionals dedicated to the compliance of the applicable legal and technical requirements, identification of risks and opportunities; for the development of adequate solutions, through the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.



It is responsible for providing such services to clients who require it in the financial, accounting, tax and administrative areas.


We offer the following counseling services: Corporate and Commercial, Due Diligence, Treatment of Impatriates and Expatriates, Internal Audits, and Administrative Contracts.


We provide guidance through verification and analysis, ideally preventive, of the fiscal and/or public and/or municipal tax situation.


Guidance is provided to external clients, specifically to natural clients through verification and analysis, to comply with legal and administrative requirements, either before public institutions, public/private institutions and private institutions.


We provide representation services before all governmental entities. Our firm is authorized by SERNA and has vast experience in the Environmental Licensing Process.


Our team of lawyers is trained to provide advice in all stages of litigation and legal disputes before the Courts and Tribunals in the country and abroad.


The firm prepares the different businesses or legal acts, which individuals or legal entities celebrate in the presence of the notary.


Its purpose is to comply with legal requirements regarding the inscription or registration of documents, actions, private property and/or client products before Government entities.


The firm provides advice on labor issues that arise within organizations directly linked to their human capital.

Why trust Ulloa & Asociados?

In order to assume our professional commitment in an ethical and responsible manner, Ulloa & Asociados has developed an internal policy of confidentiality and no conflict of interest, to which all members of the Firm must subscribe from the beginning of the working relationship, which guarantees transparency in our work.

-2002, The Beginning

In January 2002 the history of Ulloa & Asociados, S. De R.L. began in Colonia El Pedregal and has remained in the same location ever since.

Our firm is oriented to meet the needs of the corporate world, with specialized professionals focused on labour, commercial, environmental and tax issues, both in administrative and judicial venues, and is comprised of eight areas: Counseling, Compliance, Management, Litigation, Notary, Registries, Resource Management and Labour & Employment.

-2008, ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In 2008 Ulloa & Asociados became the first firm in Honduras to be certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Given this privileged position that our clients have given us and the demands of the market, Ulloa & Asociados has assumed the commitment to develop better ways of working that promote the efficiency and quality of our services. Thus, in 2008, our Firm undertook the challenge of becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified, a certification that is undoubtedly a differentiating element compared to our competitors. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that we have internal processes that ensure continuous improvement and a certainty, for our clients, that we work daily to meet their expectations and, therefore, that their trust placed in Ulloa & Asociados will have an important return value for their business.

-2020, ULaw

In 2020, the Ulaw app was created to advise individuals at the click of a button. This has created a new era for technology and law firms in Honduras.

- 2022, New Process - Natural Customers

In February 2022, the opportunity was given to open a new process due to the high demand that could be identified in the annual Management Review meeting. The objective of the "Natural Clients" process is to provide guidance to external clients, specifically Natural Clients in need of legal support. The process has started successfully and has created that new market niche that the company needed to be a complete legal firm.

2022, 20-year Anniversary and Inauguration of San Pedro Sula Offices

In June 2022 Ulloa y Asociados celebrates its 20th anniversary with the inauguration of its new offices in the city of San Pedro Sula. This event took place with all the collaborators of the company and clients, where with laughter and pride was celebrated this great event for the firm that marks a before and after growth.

- 2023, Client Choice Awards in the Environmental area (awarded in 2022 - delivered on March 9, 2023),

Twelve awards were given worldwide, with six in the Americas, the only award going to a lawyer/firm in Central America. With respect to the research conducted for the award, surveys were developed with in-house counsel at corporations to ask them to rate individual lawyers and law firms on the following client service criteria:

  1. Quality of Legal Advice (Quality of Legal Advice)
  2. Commercial awareness
  3. Industry knowledge
  4. Strategic thinking
  5. Billing transparency
  6. Customized fee structures
  7. Value for money
  8. Responsiveness
  9. Effective communication
  10. Clarity of documentation
  11. Knowledge exchange (also known as knowledge sharing)
  12. Adequate staffing
  13. Project management
  14. Use of technology
  15. Loyalty and ethics

Alliances and Recognitions

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Our Managing Partner Marielena Ulloa at the World Business Growth Conference in Dubai speaking on Labor and Employment Laws in Honduras. This conference brings together thought leaders and experts who through their talks, presentations and ideas enrich the community. In which she was presented with the "Prominent Woman in International Law" award at the World Business Growth Conference.

S. L.

Attorney Marielena Ulloa is a professional who honors her career, dignifies the guild and serves as an example for the legal community, both in her knowledge and ethical principles. In her professional practice, her prestige is recognized in the representation of large companies and important national and international individuals. For SL Legal Consulting, it is always an honor to be able to collaborate and team up in the management of matters together.

N. O.

Attorney Marielena Ulloa has been a great example of a friend, mother, sister, wife, daughter and professional. I want to recognize her in all these areas of life since each one is important for the development of every human being in a community. Excellence is a whole built of several things and Titi Ulloa is the meaning of that word.

M. R.

I admire many things about Attorney Marielena Ulloa, some more than others, for example her tenacity and not giving up in the face of the challenges that her profession puts her daily, that led her to become a Notary not in the traditional way since in Honduras the Exequatur is a title that is obtained mostly by political compadrazgo, she obtained it when for the only time it was done by knowledge exam in which she got one of the best grades, Her tenacity has led her to seek that her firm enjoys excellence and that it is recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the best in Honduras and widely recommended.

C. Z.

Attorney Marielena Ulloa de Pineda is synonymous with hard work, effort, tenacity, commitment, integrity, discipline, leadership and vision. As a colleague I have the privilege of knowing her for several years. And as a lawyer, notary and legal director she has achieved important milestones by building a prestigious and renowned law firm. Also becoming legal representative of the main companies of the industrial city of the country and certifying her firm Ulloa y Asociados in the Iso 9001:2015 Standard as the first law firm in the country to be certified in this quality standard.

J. S.

I have known Attorney Marielena Ulloa for over 30 years as a personal friend and corporate attorney in Honduras.For as long as I have known her she has been an outstanding citizen as well as a corporate attorney, always performing her duties in the most professional manner and extremely responsive to the legal needs of her clients. She is very knowledgeable and also very sensitive to the needs of her clients.